Surveying Empires
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Project Team

The ‘Surveying Empires’ project was a research collaboration between geographers and archaeologists of Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and the University of Calcutta (UC).

The project was directed by Professor Keith Lilley, an historical geographer at QUB, and Professor Bishnupriya Basak, an historical archaeologist at UC.

The fieldwork and project also involved Dr Satish Kumar, a development geographer at QUB, Dr Siobhán McDermott, a field archaeologist based at QUB in the Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork (CAF), Dr Sharmistha Chatterjee, a landscape archaeologist at UC, and Professor Rajat Sanyal, a buildings archaeologist at UC.

Children being interviewed Tea by the shops in Habra
Fieldwork scenes 1: Satish and Bishnupriya interviewing at Aknapur (left),
and Siobhán, Sharmistha and Rajat taking tea at the roadside in Habra (right).
Photos: K. Lilley

The institutional support at QUB and UC was crucial to the project, and the team wish to acknowledge the inputs especially of Professor Audrey Horning (QUB) and Professor Samir Das (UC).

The technical support of the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis at QUB is also recognised, and particularly the efforts of Elaine Reid, David Hardy and Anthony Anderson.

The project benefitted also from assistance provided by Nick Millea and Mike Athanson', both of the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, in providing examples of historic Survey of India maps.

The British Academy funded the ‘Surveying Empires’ project, and the team wishes to thank those who endorsed the project’s funding, including our grant application referee, Professor Matthew Edney. Without this financial and collegial support none of this would have been possible.

Plants and People Peole at Aknapur Tower
Fieldwork scenes 2: Keith at Samalia (left) and Satish and Bishnupriya at Aknapur (right).
Photos: R Sanyal and K Lilley.